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2.14. Custom Monitor

Custom monitor dialog.

The custom monitor allows users to test a connection to any port on the server.  The monitor will connect to the give port  and then disconnect. 

Server Port:  The port the monitor should connect to.  Valid port numbers are 1 to 65535.
Interval:  This is the number of minutes between the monitor queries.  It must be between 1 and 1440 (one day).
Timeout:  This is the number of milliseconds before the monitor query is considered a failure.
Retries:  If the monitor fails, this number of times the monitor will attempt to reconnect before notifying you of the failure.  The retry attempts occur at one minute intervals, regardless of the interval setting.  The monitor will report the failure immediately in the Retries value is set to zero.
Use SSL/TLS:  Check this box to connect to the port using SSL/TLS.  The server must be running in SSL/TLS mode.
Monitor Enabled:  Check this box to enable the monitor.

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