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Frequently Asked Questions

1. System Requirements

Simple Server Monitor will run under Windows XP or later (including all versions of Windows Vista).  It also requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. The Simple Server Monitor installer will install the framework if it is not present.

2. How is Simple Server Monitor licensed?

Simple Server Monitor is licenced per machine, that is, you need a license for each machine it runs on.  We do allow users to also run a copy on their laptop.   However, Simple Server Monitor may only run on either their laptop or desktop, not both at the same time.

3. Upgrade Policy

Minor updates are always free and major updates are free for one year after your purchase.  After one year, major upgrades are offered at a significant discount.

4. Can Simple Server Monitor be run from a Limited User Account?

Yes, Simple Server Monitor can be run from a Limited User Account.  However, it must installed by an administrator account.

5. Contact Us

Simple Server Monitor is a product of Inc. We can be reached at the mailing address or e-mail below. Inc.
12318 Highway 105
RR 4 Whycocomagh
Nova Scotia, Canada  B0E 3M0

For technical support, please use the support form or e-mail us at By doing so, you can take advantage of our ticket based support system.